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mso2411 Mar 18th 2019 8:16 am

How much money needed to take to NZ (Christchurch)
I'm a first time poster but have been reading a lot of threads which I have found very helpful :)

I am hoping to move to Christchurch in the next 2 years with my husband, I have residency as I lived there when I was younger and my parents are there still, so we will be getting a partner of an NZ resident visa for him. It is just us two moving there with our dog.

I have had a few quotes regarding how much it would cost to take the dog over as well as a container however, I'm unsure how much money we should have saved to essentially fall back on and help towards a deposit for a house.
We will be moving to Christchurch and living with my parents for as long as needed so that will help with a lot of stress but hoping that we wont be there any longer than 2 months. We don't have an exact date that we want to move over by as we would like to save as much as possible but I just don't know how much to set as a target so when we hit it, we know we can get the ball rolling. What are the most costly things you experienced over there when you first moved over?

Sorry for the long winded post, any suggestions are welcome!

escapedtonz Mar 20th 2019 10:33 am

Re: How much money needed to take to NZ (Christchurch)
Hi and congrats with the first post :thumbsup:
First things first are you 100% sure you are good to go with your visa ?
You say you have Residency, but you don't mention the type so it isn't clear to me that you are free to return.
If you lived in NZ years ago, you may have overlooked that your visa had conditions that may have expired and thus when you left the country your Residency could have expired, or you may have had to apply for a returning resident visa (which aren't available any more) or apply for a variation of conditions etc etc.
If you have Permanent Residency then all good, I just wanted you to stop and think, be absolutely sure and not just assume.

For a deposit on a house you'll need 20% + the usual mortgage, survey, legal fees so factor that in when looking at properties and their value. It can be difficult to gauge how much properties are worth here as more often than not they are sold at auction or by negotiation without an indicative price. All you can do is look at the RV or CV (Rateable Value / Council Value) and work out how much properties in the area are going for under/over that RV/CV to give you any idea of a likely sale price.

We found pretty much everything was more expensive with the exception of motoring costs (car insurance/road tax/fuel etc) and mid range electronics like TV's which seemed cheaper at the time.......not much else springs to mind unfortunately. There is also way less choice in every way shape and form imaginable. It's pretty shocking when you first arrive but over time the cost and choice issues drift away and you just get on with it or more you adapt and factor it in to everyday life and work around it if you have to.

Sorry, don't know much about Christchurch specifically. I've visited a few times as we have friends there but other than that know little about properties and best places to live and all that jazz.

Good luck with the move.

Clappy Mar 30th 2019 10:46 pm

Re: How much money needed to take to NZ (Christchurch)
I have read through this thread a few times. On the face of it, one response might seem a limited set of information to work with, but the one that has been given has got everything you need to know and I can't improve on it in any way!

There is no 'right' amount of money to bring to New Zealand. It is just best to get used to feeling poor in UK terms.

There are some benefits though so it is all swings-and-roundabouts really.

escapedtonz Mar 31st 2019 10:23 am

Re: How much money needed to take to NZ (Christchurch)
If it helps, we brought along £40k (at the time around NZD $80k) to set ourselves up in Wellington and I can tell you, it doesn't go that far but it was enough for us at the time. Big ticket spends were pretty few really and all more or less paid out in the first few months :-
Bond for long term rental - cost us 6 x the weekly rent, although the law has now removed the letting fee charged by the agent so you should now factor 5 x. Our first rental was super expensive $890 per week!!!.......I know, insane cost. We were wowed by a huge new property, nobody had ever lived there, at the top of a nice cul-de-sac, perfect for kids with views but negotiated ourselves out of that as soon as we could as it was just bleeding us dry. But that bond cost us $5500 which we eventually got back but still had to pay it out.
A car for the Mrs $17k. A car and a motorbike for me $25k. Some furniture, white goods, BBQ and outdoor table etc $10k and we also paid for car insurances and house contents insurance upfront cash for the first couple years. Total around $60k approx. The rest of it stayed in the bank but it all got used up when we moved to Tauranga a couple years later and then when we purchased a section and built a house.
I think we would have really struggled if we hadn't taken that nest egg with us.

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