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konjit Jun 23rd 2014 1:37 pm

how to apply nz pr while in australia
Hello there. Its been 4 months since i moved to sustralia on 461 visa to join my husband who is nz citizen and have been living in australia for 5 years. My husband has no plan to go back to nz but having realized that I cant get PR in australia. We r thinking if we can apply nz pr. I appreciate if any one can ecplain to me the requierment and process for applying nz pr while in australia or if i ve to go yo nz to apply one. Thanks

Persephone Jun 23rd 2014 7:45 pm

Re: how to apply nz pr while in australia
This is the link to the requirements and NZ immi website: What is required?

You can apply for residency through partnership as long as you've lived together for at least 12 months. You do not need to be in NZ for this.

However I am not sure why you want to. NZ residency does not appear to confer any advantages for those wanting to live in Aus. It is only NZ citizens that have the right to live and work in Aus permanently.
You can only become a NZ citizen after being a NZ resident for 5 years and living in NZ for most of that time.
The fact you said that your husband doesn't want to move back to NZ means I'm assuming you don't want to live there either:unsure:

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