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jnoelbalana14 Apr 8th 2018 12:37 am

Hepatitis B and work visa

Is there a possibility of being granted a work visa eventhough diagnosed with hepatitis B? Thanks! If declined, what could be the best option to appeal? Thanks!

MrsFychan Apr 8th 2018 5:19 am

Re: Hepatitis B and work visa
Hepatitis B is on the list of conditions deemed to impost significant cost to NZ.
"A4.10.1 Medical conditions deemed to impose significant costs and/or demands on New Zealand's health and/or education services

HIV infection
Hepatitis B-surface antigen positive and meeting criteria for anti-viral treatment in New Zealand
Hepatitis C-RNA positive and meeting criteria for anti-viral treatment in New Zealand
Malignancies of organs, skin (such as melanoma) and haematopoietic tissue, including past history of, or currently under treatment. Exceptions are:
treated minor skin malignancies
malignancies where the interval since treatment is such that the probability of recurrence is <10 percent
Requirement for organ transplants (with the exclusion of corneal grafts), or following organ transplant when immune suppression is required (with the exclusion of corneal grafts)
Severe, chronic or progressive renal or hepatic disorders".

Best person to talk to would be a specialised immigration advisor, Lane Neave seems to be the go to person that gets results.

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