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minisi Jun 19th 2014 5:52 pm

Help with moving to NZ
Hi all,

My name is Simon,

I'm a 27 year old electrician with 11 years experience. I have recently split with my long term girlfriend and would love a fresh start. Although I have never been to NZ I have always wanted to at least go see the place. But now I have nothing holding me back to try make a go of it for myself. I'm a maintenance electrician and love my job which pays well but would love a new challenge.

Hopefully you guys can point me in the right direction of how to go about achieving my ambitions.

I'm aware I'll have to go there to see weather I actually like the country but where would be the best place for a electrician to live and what's the best time of year to visit?
I'm an out doors type of guy, recently started rock climbing and have had jet skies for a few years. I like to keep fit aswell. Not sure if this would be a factor in anyhring but thought its a good a place as any to share my interests.

Thanks in advance

Kind regards Simon

MrsFychan Jun 19th 2014 9:08 pm

Re: Help with moving to NZ
welcome to NZ forum. as I stated on the Welcome Inn post you need to look at the immigration website to see if you can get a skilled visa or another type. try and do the points indicator, that way people will be able to advise better

minisi Jun 19th 2014 9:27 pm

Re: Help with moving to NZ
I have done the points indicator and scored 100 points which I believe to be the bare minimum but it's not very specific to my trade. Plus I have no job lined up for me in NZ which adds to the total points.

MrsFychan Jun 19th 2014 9:31 pm

Re: Help with moving to NZ
being 27 you can apply for a working holiday visa which would get you over here, but it does mean that you could not, on that visa, work the full time allocated on the visa. This does mean that if you then secure a f/t position that meets the criteria for a more permanent visa and apply from here.

minisi Jun 19th 2014 10:38 pm

Re: Help with moving to NZ
I'm guessing once i get to NZ on a working holiday visa it's easier to get a more permanent visa ???
Is there a limit to how much work I can do or money I can earn on a holiday visa?

garethwm Jun 19th 2014 10:59 pm

Re: Help with moving to NZ
Working holiday visa is the best option for you I think as 100 points is not enough to get you in under the skilled migrant category. I dont think youre suppose to look for permanent work while here on working visa. Most do bar work, fruit picking etc. Not sure if Christchurch is still looking for electricians for the rebuild, but there are many electricians who have come over from the UK for that. Could be a way in for you on a more permanent basis?

minisi Jun 19th 2014 11:28 pm

Re: Help with moving to NZ
The points system for skilled migrants seemed as though you already need to be in NZ or have a job offer/ lined up.
And for this reason my points total was low as I have no contacts in NZ of any kind.

How long can I work on a working holiday visa in NZ and is there any limitations to working hours or monies I can earn?

Persephone Jun 20th 2014 12:56 am

Re: Help with moving to NZ
Hello and welcome.

The WHV would get you here to look for a job. You can look for permanent work on a WHV but not actually do permanent work. You need a further visa for that whether that is a temporary work visa or residency.

Electricians are on both the Long Term and Canterbury Skills Shortage Lists which makes it easy to get a further visa. You will need to look into registration and what is needed for this. Plenty of threads on here about registering:)

The points system does not require you to be in NZ to apply or to actually have a job offer in fact. You just have to have enough points to get through. 100 is the minimum but at the moment this is not being selected for UNLESS you have 100 which includes a job offer...

This is the link to the UK WHV section: United Kingdom Working Holiday Scheme

you must not take up permanent employment (unless you apply for and are granted an ordinary work visa while you’re here)
you must not work for a period exceeding 12 months
you can enrol in one or more courses of training or study of up to six months’ duration in total during your visit.
Also you must not provide commercial sexual services on a WHV. So no prostitution or starting a career as a pimp;)
As far as I know there are no limits on the amounts you can earn or working hours as long as you don't work for >12months

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