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MummyQB Dec 24th 2018 9:30 am

Health care
Hello, we've just decoded to move and DaddyQB is applying for jobs in Wellington. How does health care work? Is there an NHS, private only or employer schemes? Thank you.

janiejones Dec 25th 2018 9:11 am

Re: Health care
There is subsidised health, but not as much is covered as is by the NHS. It does depend on the District Health Board, mine (Hutt Valley) is pretty good, but more rural ones, not so much. Some employers offer Southern Cross, which is like Bupa, I get this through work, and it refunds 80% of my health costs. Some employers offer preferential rates with Southern Cross, but don't pay for membership.

MrsFychan Dec 25th 2018 6:58 pm

Re: Health care
I miss NHS - could tell you of all the mishaps and a few wins but those types of things may never happen to you. You pay for GP appts, ours is $52.00 per visit - really does mean you, as in my case, do not go as often as you may need or would of done in the UK. My work does not offer health care, MrF's does but its not that great and only covers him and that he had to negotiate with the Company during the offer stage. Kids can go free to GP up til the age of 13 at the moment. My local area has a centre for Youth Services and this also provides GP's up til the early 20's if I remember correctly.

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