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brianlee Jan 12th 2014 6:20 am

Full Qualification assessement by NZQA
Hi everyone.

I am preparing the full of IQA.
My BSc is Civil Engineering (out side UK) and my MSc is Engineering Project Management (University of Leeds- Civil Engineering School-)

I understand that NZQA shall ask me some kind of experience certificate - that I shall submit is my job offer.

The problem here is my job offer mention that the position is Quantity Surveyor (in Civil Engineering project). So does it affect to IQA results as I would like the result shall be Comparable to Master in Civil Engineering ?

I hope the assessment can result in above result as Comparable in master in Civil Engineering shall give me 70 points for SMC without demonstrating any experience.
If the result is comparable to Bachelor in Quantity Surveyor, so I have to have 3 year experience to claim Qualification and bonus point in LTSS, which that I do not have enough year of experience right now.

Any answer, experience and suggestion shall be highly appreciated.

Best regards

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