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darbydoo Jan 26th 2018 9:39 pm

Expiring travel conditions and PR
Hi all. We are eligible to apply for PR in August, but our travel conditions also expire in that month and we will be in the uk at the time on holidays.

Would immigration give us PR before going? It’s around a month difference I think.

On a related note, it is possible that we would not return to nz after our uk trip but would still like the option to one day (hence wanting to get pr before the trip).

Anyone else been in a similar boat?

MrsFychan Jan 26th 2018 11:49 pm

Re: Expiring travel conditions and PR
you can extend the travel conditions, I do not believe you can apply any earlier than the allotted 2 years as you have to meet certain criteria within the last 2 years. Speak to your local immigration office.

escapedtonz Jan 27th 2018 6:48 am

Re: Expiring travel conditions and PR
Meeting eligibility for PR and travel condition expiry at the same time is normal as they normally both occur at the 2 year anniversary of entry and activation of the RV.
You cannot apply for PR any earlier than the day you have actually held RV for 2 years.
If you are not here when you become eligible to apply and when your travel conditions expire then it is a high probability that you would be refused entry in to NZ using the RV's.
To solve this you MUST apply for a variation of travel conditions for each RV holder before you travel. This will effectively extend the travel condition on your RV allowing you to re-enter where you can then apply for PR assuming you are eligible and meet one of the five criteria.

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