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Gjd08 Oct 6th 2020 8:50 pm

Essential skills visa
Hi everyone 😊

New to the forum
Looking for some advice we have found out my partner an alarm technician can go down the essential skills visa

But we have seen a post on another group stating that the minimum salary/wage is going to increase by the end of the year and people should get in quick

Does anyone know if this is the case or would have an indication of a percentage it would normally increase by

As trying to work out if a move is going to be possible

Thank you

escapedtonz Oct 11th 2020 5:37 pm

Re: Essential skills visa
Yup. If you're looking at Skilled Migrant Resident Visa then Essential Skills would also be another way in, the difference being Essential Skills is a temporary class work visa for up to 3 years and for an individual, whereas SMRV is a permanent class visa and would cover principal applicant, partner and any dependents. Yes there are minimum salary levels for Essential Skills and nobody knows (other than the NZ government) if or when these thresholds will change. Partner would still have to get an NZ job offer to secure that visa and the salary etc would have to meet certain conditions in order for you as a partner applicant and any dependents to also secure temporary visas on the back of it.

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