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Byebye_UK Jan 6th 2014 4:55 am

Confused (slightly) about EOI and NZQA
Hi All,
Just joined this forum and it's been very useful so far ( I've avoided a lot of dumb questions already thanks to the forum )

My wife and I are looking to move to NZ

She has a doctorate degree and lectures I'm in IT

Seems like her points on the EOI are coming in at 130 plus mine at 20 making 150 total ... So far so good ! I think...

My question - I obtained my degree years ago and it's not on the list published , hers are

For my 20 points to qualify ( even as a partner and NOT the primary applicant under the SM worker category ) do I still need to have my degree assessed by NZQA at PAR ? It's confusing ... On NZQA's site it says this is for applicants under SM category only ... I'm not applying she is and I'm adding on my partner points

Any advice appreciated


MrsFychan Jan 6th 2014 5:40 am

Re: Confused (slightly) about EOI and NZQA
technically you are applying just under her application, I believe if you want the points you need to adhere to the rules as stated so I believe if they are not obtained from the exempt list then you would need to get it assessed.

That's how I read it, hopefully someone will come along with a 100% certain answer

Persephone Jan 6th 2014 5:16 pm

Re: Confused (slightly) about EOI and NZQA
Hello and welcome!
As MrsF said, if your qualification is not on the list of those exempt from assessment then you need to get it assessed to claim ANY points for it. Whether as the principal or non principal candidate.

You can choose not to go for assessment but then you'd only have 130pts. 140 or over is an automatic selection at every EOI draw so having those extra pts would guarantee the EOI going further.

You need a PAR or IQA for the EOI. You will need an IQA for the ITA.

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