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Rusher Jan 5th 2014 1:36 am documents required
Hello All!

We made it over to NZ in Oct 2013 having only stumbled across a job 8 weeks before! Packed up, moved over, found nice rental (I know!!), kids in school/kindy, furniture arrived in time for Christmas (Woohoo)...all going well.

It has only been a few months but we are all feeling very settled and don't want to feel like we are on a countdown (3 yr work visas). So we thought we should submit or EOI.

We did that on 30th Dec. Then I found out the next day, from a post on here, that my husband's role would be taken of the LTSSL as of March. A little worried to say the least! all my thinking (poss over-thinking) I am trying to work out what to have ready in case we are selected in the next pool (when will this be?!?!?), so that if/when we get the ITA we are able to submit asap.

Anyway, my confusion comes regarding the fact that INZ have all the documentation they require for SMC Resident Visa as it is the same as we submitted for Essential Work Visa. We did the Work Visa in London and are doing the EOI etc in NZ. Do they share the documentation between the branches to make life easier? If we get an ITA do we contact them to say that the information is at London?

Feeling a little lost as we did out work visa through an advisor and now striking out alone. Hoping I haven't made a mess of the EOI!!

Thanks for all your help....I lurk a lot and read everyone's exceptionally helpful posts..just can't seem to find an answer to my query.

MrsFychan Jan 5th 2014 4:45 am

Re: documents required
Hi Rusher, don't panic so much. I'm not to sure about what happens if you submit a new application but I can tell you that when we did our ITA we started it in London and when we got the ok for Visa it was transferred over to NZ to have the stamps put in our passports as we were already here so it is possible to transfer documents.
Now the only thing I can think might be a problem is the lead times on the branches, I believe Auckland is 6-9mths processing time from date of selection and Wellington 9-12mths. but once you have been selected and ITA is being looked at I can't see that they would stop processing the application.
I would speak to you local immigration office, have you previous visa application ref number with you and see what they say is the best course of action for you.

Persephone Jan 5th 2014 11:11 am

Re: documents required
I agree with MrsF - don't panic!!

Firstly, once you are selected then INZ will honour that application even if the rules change. It wouldn't be fair otherwise. You have 4mth to return your ITA once you receive it.

If you have over 140pts or between 100-135 pts and a job or job offer then you will be selected at the next draw. This is done very two weeks.

The LTSSL gives you extra points and they will be accepted if you are selected before his job goes off the LTSSL. However you may not even need those bonus points depending on your total!

As for sharing information, you'll have to check with INZ on this. I thought they always returned everything:confused:
You probably won't need to redo the medicals as they last for 36mth once submitted. These should be listed somewhere on your online profile.

Good to hear that you're settling well. Getting residency arranged now is the best option-no last minute rush!
Ask on here if you get stuck on the EOI, it's not that difficult and much much cheaper than an agent;)

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