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KazUK Jul 9th 2009 10:38 pm

Archivist Trying to Move to NZ!

I have some questions which i hope you guys can help me with!

BEVS gratefully advised me in the intro section!

I'm 24 from the UK. I am an archivist and would like to move under Skilled Migration. I aim to apply for archivist or records manager/assistant vacancies.
I have seen plenty of Records Assistant vacancies in Auckland which is making me consider the move much sooner!

When is the best time to apply? Should i only apply if i have a job offer? Would an employer wait 6 months or so for the visa process to complete?

What is the quickest time one can become a resident in NZ? I have read people on this forum were able to achieve this aim within a year, is that possible?
e.g. after 6 months of working in NZ, could you claim some points for that and get residency?

The long term aim would be to get my parents over but i understand that can only take place after being a resident for 3 years!

thanks for your help!


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