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andy1133 Sep 14th 2016 4:36 am

Anyone have experience of the Post Study Work Visa?
So if you are like me and looking at emigrating to NZ in the future, but you are resigned to having to find a job to get a visa, then the student visa to post study work visa looks pretty viable.

I'd dismissed it before, but having the right to apply for pretty much any job with any employer seems a pretty good return on investment. The visa is for one year after you graduate. There is a two year option if you get an employer to sponsor you.

So I have found a number of Post Grad one year courses. They aren't cheap, in IT/Computing I'd be looking at $20,000 on top of living costs.

I have a UK degree but it's in a useless humanities subject and nothing to do with my computing career. This is part of the reason why I am short of points, so this qualification would help on the PR front too.

I am seriously considering this option. My fear is that at any time NZ could pull the plug on this Post Study Work Visa. Guess it's in the lap of the god, but the visa has been around a while. This seems a very popular route for rich people from developing countries.

Anyone been down this route? Being a student again in my 40s is not ideal but it's only two semesters. Obviously I'd have to get on the course in the first place and have no idea how easy/hard this would be!

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