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abusaqer Jun 29th 2011 8:39 pm

another solution about IETLS
I am writing to you about SF*visa
I sent all my document to Dubai before month ago but my case officer denied the other acceptable way of English which is a letter from my University state that my instruction is fact she told me that "your university is not in our recognized list"
that mean they accept this letter from some university but that does not mention in the web
be sure I have level-7 and all my doc is clear and okay

Anyway, I will sit to IELTS in the 9 of July, but I want to know in case I got less than 6.5, so in that case:-

1) can I make a complain that is available in site ? Do you agree with me ?
2) if they announce that there is a free place to SF-visa ,
so in that case, can I apply again ? does that permission ?
3) I wish to see any advices about the IELTS ?

I will be delighted if I see a respond to me issue

Thank You
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Kija Jun 30th 2011 11:10 am

Re: another solution about IETLS
Hi Ahmad,

Sorry I don't really know the answers to your questions but you can prepare for the IELTS, you can find many test samples on the net, we did that to familiarise ourselves with the format. Just prepare well and do your best.

I think you can only complain if you feel the result you got is inaccurate.

Best of luck.

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