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Carlos4441 Mar 30th 2019 8:15 pm

Accredited Employer Visa/Partner Visa process
Hello all, long time lurker first time poster here :) I have a quick question regarding the the visa process, I'm hoping that someone has gone through same experience.

So, me and my gf arrived in NZ in Jan on normal working holiday visas , she has begun work for a company, and her company has been recently made an accredited company - she has also jus had a promotion and has desired skills for the role she does.

Her bosses have encouraged her to apply for a talent work visa, of which we all confident in achieving - me on the other hand just works temp admin roles in the city (Auckland FYI) - so in this situation:

When my partner applies for her talent visa, must I wait for that to be accepted before I cna apply for the partner visa?

Or cna I apply at the same time has a separate application? And if we doing it online how does it work?eg. How can immigration link me and my partners applications?

Just seems a tad confusing - the process Confuses me! I'm sure someone has simular experiences that could assist? :)

Must say, it's been bloody warm since we arrived yikes!

escapedtonz Mar 31st 2019 9:32 am

Re: Accredited Employer Visa/Partner Visa process
No you don't have to wait and I wouldn't advise it.
It is mch better for you to apply for the partner of a work visa holder visa at the same time as your partner applies for the Talent/Accredited Employer Visa. Do two separate applications attaching and enclosing all the necessary documentary evidence to each one, keep them separate but place them in one envelope to Immigration so the case officer has both at the same time and doesn't have to go searching for cross referencing info. Much easier for the CO to process them both together although highly likely your partner will get the Talent/Accredited Employer Visa first then your partnership visa follow a little while later.
Not sure how it'd work if you both applied online. Maybe your partner applies for the Talent/Accredited Employer visa first and then you apply for the partnership work visa but mark on your application the visa application reference number of your partners Talent/Accredited Employer application. I'm sure there will be questions in there relating to your partners visa application or status. You should be able to download the application document and supporting documents so you know what details you both have to give and note where you can add important supporting information. Believe me it ain't rocket science.

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