Why an interview?

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Default Re: Why an interview?

Originally posted by bighead
normally, i try not to bash people (unless its the broken english of one of the ***** employees) and keeping in mind what you say you have been through...
hmmm.. apparently you cant refer to the world wide immigrant crook service...
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Default Re: Why an interview?

Originally posted by bighead
normally, i try not to bash people (unless its the broken english of one of the ***** employees) and keeping in mind what you say you have been through...

- andrew, jim et al dont hide their intentions, they are practicing immigration consultants and ofcourse are out to make money... if they were not, and were just sitting on the newsgroups answering people's questions without getting anything in return (which is most of the time) i would consider them nuts because of the experience they have and their background should be put to profitable use... if i had the skills so would i... (excluding you ofcourse)...

- yes they are professionals, but they also spend a lot of time helping people who are unaware of the rules/regulations/policies or just plain lazy to try and find out information for themselves... (excluding you ofcourse)...

- the majority of questions people ask on these forums are rehashed versions of the same old same old... people who instead of doing a simple search would much rather ask the same question that has been asked a day or so ago and answered... (excluding you ofcourse)...

- as to people posting their personal experiences, seriously... how many of the posts are "ok this is what i found out by myself and im posting this info so all will benifit" posts? the majority of the posts are titled "experts please help, i just wet myself" (excluding you ofcourse)...

- even though most questions are the same questions over and over, they are usually always answered, and you must understand, it takes a lot of time and effort to actually do this, and each reply usually comes with another followup question which was also asked before by someone else and that is also replied to, im sure everyone will agree that they got professional advice, a valuable service for free, because most people going through the process need reassurance more than anything... (excluding you ofcourse)...

- having to say the same thing over and over and over again without getting anyting in return except snivvely snot nosed responses unless the reply is all roses and sweet smell tends to get on a persons nerves after a while... having people be negative towards you when you feel you are trying to help them through a difficult time tends to piss a person off... (excluding you ofcourse)...

- not everyone takes the time to search extensively for their information or spend considerable amounts of time researching facts and figures to be comfortable enough to speak on matters with authority... infact most people are morons who wouldnt be able to tell up from down unless there were arrows pointing in the respective directions... (excluding you ofcourse)...

- people need help, they always have, they always will... if responses such as yours targetting people like andrew/jim et al who spend considerable amounts of time helping others while getting nothing in return (or even expecting anything in return) force them to stop doing what they do, then a lot of people would be screwed... a lot of people would be in trouble and a lot of people would end up with rejected applications... (excluding you ofcourse)...

- you personally may have been represented by a crook, and noone is saying all professionals who practice in this field are angels, but just because you have had a bad experience (which you paid for i am assuming) does not mean everyone else will go through the same... most people would be very grateful to get professional advice within a few hours of asking a question without having to pay for it... (excluding you ofcourse)...
He he he, my English is no more broken than that little piece of jelly-like substance you call brain in that bighead of yours

As for the rest of your opus - same old mantra, professional advice...Anderew...Jim...spend time...for free. Enjoy repeating it

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