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Old Nov 14th 2001, 2:00 pm
Alex Adams
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oh , how frustrating! i see that if you are american of from the uk , it is so easy
to get here as a spouse on a visitor visa and process your pr from inland. but if
not, you are really limited in options. how unfair! i wrote before about my husband ,
who is bulgarian , and my dillemas for sponsoring him, and recieved quite a mean
spirited response. maybe i dint state my case well enough. if there is anyone who
might be able to answer some questiond for me without bieng mean i would appreciate
it. i want to sponsor my husband to come here, not so much because we want to live
here, but more because i have a small child who i share custody with his father, and
cannot take out of canada, so i am tied here. my husband is not the father. i am in
quite alot of personal debt, and have collected welfare in the past.
1. does anyone know the approxamate sponsor time for sponsoring spouses form
2. will i be able to sponsor him if im in debt?
3. will the fact that i collected welfare disqualify me? any FRIENDLY advice would be
appreciated. thank you lola
Old Nov 14th 2001, 2:09 pm
Andrew Miller
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If you would have stated your questions more honestly initially instead of trying to
play the game of just wanting your husband to visit you because you don't want to
live here then some of responders would have restrained themselves from not so
friendly replies...

1. Your application to be approved as a sponsor may take about 3 to 4 months. Then
your husband's immigration application in Bucharest will take anywhere from 7 to
12+ months.

2. Your debt will be taken into consideration when assessing your ability to support
yourself and your husband, but I cannot say if it will disqualify you.

3. Fact of being on welfare may disqualify your application to be a sponsor.



Andrew Miller Immigration Consultant Vancouver, British Columbia email:
[email protected] (delete REMOVE and INVALID from the above address before
sending email)


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