Time running out, few questions

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Default Time running out, few questions

Quick background:

I am currently working in Calgary on a TWP. Originally came over in December 2008 on 1 year TWP which was renewed with new LMO in December 2009.

I sent off my application for Permanent Residency in November 2009 (the day I got my new LMO, and would have been sooner but was waiting to see if I would be staying as replacement LMO was initially refused as employer ballsed up the advertising). Received my 120 day letter on January 22nd 2010. The full application immediately sent off and I received an Acknowledgement of Receipt from London dated March 15th 2010 and my application went into process May 17th 2010.

I had my medicals on 9th July 2010 and these were sent to Ottawa on 16th of July by the immigration doctor. Since then all I have heard was a request for fingerprints which were received in London August 2nd 2010.

My current TWP expires on December 9th of this year. Although my employers have started the process to try and obtain a new TWP I am unsure if this will be approved in time having read about multiple people having LMO's refused and I am now starting to worry that the entire process will be void due to my TWP reaching it's expiry date before I receive PR status.

I sent a case specific email 2 weeks ago and received a reply this morning saying my fingerprints were received September and are now with RCMP for checks. Couple of things/questions:

1) When I received my request for fingerprints I sent an email specifically asking if they needed RCMP checks as paper fingerprints take 3months to process but electronic is about 1 week. I received a reply that they only wanted paper fingerprints, not RCMP checks,now it seems they have sent off for their own RCMP checks! Anyone know if they do actually take 3months or is this just a long date on the RCMP website to cover their own asses if they take a while to do some checks.

2) My fingerprints arrived in London 2nd August and were signed for but the latest email I got back states they were received in September! where they just sat on them for 1 month plus?

3) My TWP has to be valid when they receive my passports in London to affix PR visas (assuming and hoping I get that far) but does it matter if my TWP runs out after that stage but before I land? (I'm down to the wire timing wise so any glimmer of hope is better than none).

4) Does anyone know the time line on Canadian experience class applications? When this TWP runs out I will have been in Canada for 2 years with this company. One option would be to swap to visitor status and apply for Canadian experience if it doesn't take 12 months (I'm lucky in that I can cope with a few months of no wages but don't want to go a year).

Basically all this stress is due to my employer ticking 1 year instead of 2 on my second LMO application even after asking me if they should tick 2 and me telling them yes and explaining that we could be in this situation (we went through similar after my fist TWP and they were panicking I wouldn't be able to stay back then). Seriously stressed out and life has basically been on hold since applying for PR as don't know if I will be here in Canada or packing up to go back to the UK.

Anyhow, sorry for rambling on

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