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unobscure Mar 20th 2022 11:55 pm

Submit passport to VACs
Spouse Sponsorship - so I got through the process and got the letter asking me to submit copy of passport/photos/letter etc to my local VACs so they can issue CoPR.

Unfortunately after two year of this my brain is fried and my OCD is playing up because, when I go to the link provided for VFS global and select my country ( my melted brain can't find an option/instructions anywhere that seem to match what I need to do. All the options are to apply for a visa or book an appointment. I already applied... it's been processed... now I just need to send my passport copy etc but I can't find any info on where/how to send my documents and how to pay the fee.

Sorry but can someone explain what I am missing here? I did email them but it takes two business days to get a reply (I am traveling so phoning is difficult).


Centurion May 10th 2022 4:45 pm

Re: Submit passport to VACs
Did you by chance find out? I'm in the same situation. Just got the submit passport letter, but don't have to physically send my passport, just the copy and letter (ETA approved country).

I'm sort of hoping that I can just send the package - letter, passport and photos to the address of VFS global (here in Bangkok) by courier and that's it done.

I can't even see that there is a fee to pay.

Centurion May 12th 2022 5:18 am

Re: Submit passport to VACs
For posterity, the solution was:

1. Called VFS global in Bankok.
2. They sent me an email with a list of the documents to send (2 photos, copy of passport, biometric receipt, consent form and letter from immigration with apendix)
3. They also sent bank details for a transfer fee of 268 THB (About 6 pounds) for the courier fee to send the final PR documents.

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