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Hi Chobert,

my two cents worth:

get going with applying for your police check (if you need one) so you're not waiting around an extra couple weeks for it to come back for no reason.

I agree that a consultant is a waste of time. We couldn't afford one so we did everything ourselves. However, when our application was complete I made a 1 hour appointment with an immigration lawyer. He checked over the application, made a handful of changes but most importantly put my mind at ease by telling me almost everything in the app seemed in order and that I'd done one of the best jobs on these forms he had seen!! This was definitely the best $300 I could have spent and I would thoroughly recommend doing it. Since then we've been approved and we're waiting for my PR to be approved in London.

I was totally anal about everything...I did contents-style pages for each of the 3 sections of the (outland spousal sponsorship) app, listing exactly what was in each section and in what order I had filed them. I wrote instead of typed, lawyer said this was better, a little more personal. I put mini post-its on every part of the form where I ran out of space and had to continue on another sheet stating 'please see separate sheet' and then typed the additional sheets up with a title heading of the code for the form in question, question and part numbers. My husband and I signed and dated every one of these 'additional info sheets', lawyer said to do that too.

I won't waffle anymore, just wanted to give you the gist of what my lawyer told me was really good about the app so that if you think you're being overly anal or meticulous (like I did) then don't worry, you're not.

Good luck, and welcome to a fab website!!!
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EVAvan.. many thanks for your input, much appreciated. I'd planned on hand-writing all our forms too... I'm getting through them all pretty well... just need to get photos done, police check is almost there, just need signatures etc and about to book the medical.

I agree, what a fantastic website... it's very easy just to start a thread but by using Wiki and the Search function, it's pretty easy to find answers or recommendations on just about anything

Again, thanks to all for your replies ... and i'll keep on posting my updates when relevant.

BTW... think we're considering Nova Scotia as our chosen destination when it's time to make the move.
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Originally Posted by chobert
Apologies if this information is right in front of my eyes but i'm a newbie here so please be gentle with me ... your help and support is appreciated

I'm British and currently live in London with my Canadian wife and two young children. We're considering emigrating to Canada and understand that to do this on a permanent basis I will need to apply for (and get) a spousal visa.
Our eldest child (3 yo) already has Canadian citezenship and we have applied for the same for our youngest (7 months).

I've downloaded the relevant forms from CIC and although at first glance look very complicated, they should be relatively straightforward to complete.

I guess I'd like some advice on a few points and how to prioritise what we do next.

Should we start the application process first before doing anything else? I don't really want to start job or house hunting before knowing that we'll be ok to move ... or will that be a formality?

Is there anyone else here with similar circumstances or has already been through the process? What are these 'visa' companies like and should we use them to ensure our application is completed properly - they seem expensive!

How long (roughly) will the process take? We're not in any particular hurry although would like to be settled by the end of 2010 or early 2011.

We're visiting relatives in Canada for Christmas this year and I know that we'll be gung-ho to get things moving on our return to London and certainly when I have to go back to work after the christmas break.

Finally for the moment, I have over 20 years experience in the print industry - although would not be bothered if I have to work in an alternative sector using my business development / customer service skills. Any good websites I should look at for work or for uploading my CV too?

Sorry for the waffle and hope someone (or a few of you) will be kind enough to offer some advice.
Thanks in advance,

Hi Chobert

We are in a similar position, I am british, and hubby is canadian. We have just sent off for Proof of Citizenship for our 2 daughters aged 2 and 4.

We are looking at moving to Canada in June/July 2011, as it will fit in with my studies and those of my eldest daughter - and also gives us time to get a house sold etc!

We are just trying to get the timing right with all the forms, which can be a bit hit and miss. Apparently with the spousal visa, you need to have the medical before you send the forms off? This means you have a year from when you send the forms, to when you land - so we are waiting till June till we get the medical done for my daughter and I.

Am in the process of getting police clearance sorted out from South Africa which is a bit of a nuisance as I left there when I was 20, but need to provide proof of good behaviour from age 18 to 20! I should add that this was in the early 80's, but hey ho. Hopefully it won't take too long for that, I don't think the UK one takes very long from what I have read.

I will be following your progress, as I am sure it will help us when we get the official ball rolling!

Good luck!

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