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dangboby Jan 2nd 2022 12:30 pm

Spousal sponsorship: Is this OK?
Hi all. I'm looking to apply for spousal sponsorship (wife being sponsor). Was wondering if anyone can comment on the strength of our application as I'm not sure if I should apply early this year or late this year so that our marriage is longer.

Our application:
Married mid-2021 in canada, relationship since 2009
knew each other for more than 10years+
no dependents
long distance relationship so not living together
evidence of sponsor visits and vice versa
workplace health, dental , travel insurance company that recognises us as each other's spouse
social media posts throughout
property under her name which I have stake in due to financial contributions
my financial support to her since mid 2021
joint bank account
plan to unite with my wife once my training in UK is over (late 2023)

would waiting out and applying end of the year strengthen our application?

in addition, is there any point in applying for visit via dual intent (?is it an actual visa) or should I stick to extending my eTa (British passport holder, stay in 6 months visa free)?

also if my application is successful and I land but need to leave canada before receiving the PR, I understand that my spouse can courier it over to me. aside from courier, what are my alternatives if I need to leave canada before receiving it? i read somewhere that one can apply for permanent resident travel document as a replacement but according to gov website this is not a legal document? thank you.

ChrisBan Jan 2nd 2022 7:52 pm

Re: Spousal sponsorship: Is this OK?
Have you looked through the requirements for evidence as part of the submission? We did common law, The application itself is fairly straight forward for most applicants if you can easily get the required supporting documentation together. With that in mind, I’m not entirely sure what the benefit would be to delaying your application if you can complete the required supporting documentation, for the various applications I’ve submitted over the last 10 years, I’ve always been of the mind to apply the moment eligible

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