Sooo Frustrating and confusing!!!

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Default Re: Sooo Frustrating and confusing!!!

Originally Posted by minxylaw9

Firstly I want to say how much I love this forum and it still amazes me that there are still wonderful and kind people out there willing to give their time to helping others, so thank you in advance

My husband has 11 years experience on the railway here in the UK and has managerial/supervisor experience but as this doesnt come under the skilled worker catagory or even the semi skilled, our next plan of action was to try and secure a job offer from one of the biggest railway companies in Canada. So in 2009 my husband arranged a meeting/interview with a manager of a railway company in Canada and he couldn't have been more helpful, he was lovely. He was very impressed with my husbands level of skills and knowledge but would only be able to offer him a job if he was already a resident of Canada. So even though the easiest and fastest way to Canada is to secure a job offer please bear in mind that it doesnt apply for some companies.

So now our aim is to look at a completely different approach....We WILL NOT give up.

My husband is even thinking about training to become a truck driver over in Canada and to get a temporary job for a year or two until we get our PR's. We have three children so we have to consider their future also but I know all this hard work will be worth it in the end but OMG it's bloody hard work and so frustrating. LOL

If any has any information that they would like to share I would appreciate it. Such as ideas on what other areas of employment my hubby could possibly apply for with his current work experience.

Thank you in advance X
We invested some money and bought a B&B (with a good deposit and mortgage) and came on Work Permits, even though we had no accommodation experience. Once you're here it's so much easier to get Residency and find jobs.
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Default Re: Sooo Frustrating and confusing!!!'s an update on our trip to New Brunswick...

We flew with Canadian Affair, as they were much cheaper than Air Canada but not as good, as you get what you pay for unfortunately, but it got us to Canada on a very affordable budget. We flew from Gatwick to Halifax Nova Scotia as we were advised it was only a 2 and half hour drive to where we would be staying in NB.

We arrived at Halifax airport in Nova Scotia at 11.50am and as soon as we left the airport we felt the clean brisk air, that took our breath away for just a moment. We had left a heat wave of 24 degrees in England to a 4 degree Canada, but it was so worth it.

We collected our rental car that was a mid-size jeep, whilst to us was large compared to our Volvo estate back home, but once we had driven for a while on the New Brunswick highways we felt quite small in comparison to the other 4x4's that were being driven.

We arrived at our cottage approximately 2pm (NB is 4hrs behind our time) so by this time we were getting a little tired.
One thing that we noticed from the moment we left the airport was just how little traffic we passed or saw on the highway on our 3 hour drive to Cocagne where our cottage was. It's true that you do have to drive everywhere because the country is so vast and spacious but because of the excellent highway systems here it's very easy to get around.
The cottage was a three bedroom bungalow with an open-plan living area and kitchen. We have a waterfront view where we have seen plenty of birds, including Heron's and Osprey hunting for fish, which the kids have loved, especially when we have had days where the weather has reached up to 20 degrees. The only thing about being by the coast is that the weather can change very quickly, so we have definiately decided to live more inland.

Since being here we have viewed some properties for sale and our budget for a house if we get our PR will be about CAD$150,000 which is about £100,000, which doesn't seem a lot for a house but we have decided to start off with a small mortgage when we get here because your credit score will be 0 it will be more difficult to get a mortgage when you first arrive, but on the plus side you get a lot more for your money when it comes to housing here in NB compared to the rest of Canada. We could easily purchase a 3-4 bedroom house for our budget in a nice area. Also what we found with the houses here is that if you need a 3 bedroom house always look at 2 bedroom houses that have a basement, as most of the basements here offer at least an extra 2/3 rooms. We viewed one house that had one main family room in the basement with 5 other rooms leading off of it. This house was CAD$180,000 but it gave us a great idea of what you can buy for your money here. The houses here are also really well insulated so you can put the heating on for a couple of hours, and it would maintan the heat for hours, which has given me a great deal of assurance for the bad weather that they have here, as I am a wimp when it comes to cold weather. :0)

We met up with a lovely family that have been here for just over a year and they have helped us with lots of little bits of information that you would not be able to learn until you lived here, such as certain companies to avoid for utilities, telephone etc and which are the better ones.

During our time here we have also met up with the Growth Population Secretariat for New Brunswick, which was arranged several months before our trip. She explained alternative options for us to gain PR with our current experience and education, so we are now in the process of filling our forms in for PNP New Brunswick, which will then be sent onto CIC to hopefully obtain the all important PR visas. I will keep you all posted with how it goes. Wish us luck!

A long process ahead and many questions to come from us, no doubt lol.

Please feel free to ask any questions, as I'm sure I've missed some stuff out..

Good luck all
Sharon X
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