Salaries - UK Versus Canada

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Default Re: Salaries - UK Versus Canada

America has more cities, more people, more jobs, hence more choices.
Some cities in America are incredibly cheap to live in, while some are ridiculously expensive like LA and NY.

Having lived in America and Australia, I can say that all countries Canada, USA, Australia and the UK have great scenic beauty and each one can provide a great lifestyle if you are RICH!!

The important factor when choosing a country as your final destination, should depend on WHERE you would be most successful, both in your profession and/or in business.

If you are financially successful in what you do, or if the country will make you succeed, then Big House/Houses and Big Car/Cars will come in plenty.

I factor things such as how long will it take me to find my next job in Toronto/Vancouver should I lose my current one?
What are my growth prospects professionall. Where can I be successful more if I start a Business - In UK or in Canada?

If UK has more opportunity for Growth than Canada or Vice-Versa then the choice should be quite obvious.

Remember if you are Successful your Family is also Successful.

If you struggle in a new country, your family suffers too, and you should question the very reason why you left your Country in the first place!

Just my two Cents.

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Bodza Bodza
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Default Re: Salaries - UK Versus Canada

Stuart Brook wrote:
    > No, you're not living as well *by typical definitions of living well*

Sorry stuart, you're wrong. I've lived in both places *recently* not
like you, who moved to Canada in 1981. The living standard in the UK
is EQUAL to that in Canada with the exception of size of cars and
houses. Moreover there are things that in my opinion make the living
standard in the UK MUCH BETTER.

    > ... you are living comfortably by English standards, which is not the
    > same as living comfortably by N. American standards.

No it isn't. But if you ask the correct question:
Can you live comfortably by English standards in Canada? The answer is
Can you live comfortably by Canadian standards in England? The answer
is No.

You simply can't have a Canadian lifestyle in England.
and you simply can't have an English lifestyle in Canada.
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Default Re: Salaries - UK Versus Canada

"Bodza Bodza" wrote in message

    > > A trip to Starbucks here costs about $3.50 for a grande cappuccino, vs
    > > 3.69 POUNDS in Guildford.

Yeah, and Guildford starbucks is disgusting. Seems like most of the staff
wipe their arses with their hands before serving in there...


Liddle Feesh
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