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Robert Threlkeld
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It would appear that I cannot get Landed Immigrant status as a self-employed
consultant. Under the new law artists can qualify. While I have never earned my
living from art, I am a part-time professional woodturner (vessels and bowls from
native hardwoods) who has sold in galleries in the US. We are retired US citizens and
have a seasonal home in Canada. What would I need to show to gain PR as an artist?
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Simply working as a part-time professional woodturner may not necessarily qualify you
under the Self-Employed business category.

Iin order to qualify as a "self-employed person", applicants must:

1. intend and have the ability
2. to establish or purchase a business in Canada
3. that will create an employment opportunity for that person, and
4. make a significant contribution to the economy, or the cultural or artistic life
of Canada.

Previous self-employment is not a condition of admission, although previous
self-employed experience is evidence of the ability of being able to be

Applicants must receive a total of 70 points or more in order to qualify. A
successful applicant is granted 30 bonus points for meeting the above four elements.
The 30 bonus points make it incredibly easy to enable an applicant to qualify.

The applicant must then obtain a further 40 points to meet the total of 70 points.
The 40 points are acquired on the following factors of:

Education Education and Training Experience Occupational Demand Demographic Factor
Age Knowledge of English and French Personal Suitability Pursuant to the Immigration
Regulations, applicants require a minimum of one year of experience. Experience is
assessed under the applicant's intended occupation in Canada.

You may want to consider applying as an Independent Immigrant (skilled worker) or one
of the Provincial Nominee Programs.

Yours truly, Ingrid Y. Chen, B.A., LL.B.
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Berto Volpentesta
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The self employed category under the new regs will revert to what it was = truly
intended for. That is, artistsans and those with some special = skill from which the
could earn a living.

Unfortunately, they may also keep the financial requirements and that = would keep
out many "starving" artists.

The current program would also allow for this but you have to show net = worth of 300
000 to 400 000 and liquid assets around 100 000 cdn = (approximations) And, you would
have to show how you would be able to = earn a living in Canada.

--=20 Good luck,

Berto Volpentesta, B.A. (Spec. Hons.), B.Ed. Member, OPIC Director, OPIC and
Education Committee Chairman

Sidhu & Volpentesta Inc. Serving people around the world since 1991


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Michael Edwards
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A friend of mine recently applied as a woodturner under the self employed category
via CHC London and was successful.

His main professional background was as a property developer, but he had been
woodturning for years in his spare time, had sold a number of his items, and had won
a few prizes.

I think he was looking for a slower pacer of life, and was able to demonstrate
earning a sufficient income from his woodturning to support him and his wife.

He has income from other source, primarily property holdings. I am not certain to
what extent he needed to show sufficient income solely from woodturning to qualify.

Hope this helps.



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