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__TJ__ Jul 30th 2012 11:31 am

photo reqs for an under 2?
title says it all really, i need to send in our photos for PR application and my 22mth old will not sit still. his passport photo is over a year old ( and the regs on cic, which i have checked before asking here say photo must be less than 12m old)
took him to photographer this morning and did him first and he was still uncooperative, did other two kids and myself then tried him again and eventually photographer gave up. said try a booth!!!!

have to get pics done and sent in asap so any good ideas please.:confused:

MillieF Jul 30th 2012 8:43 pm

Re: photo reqs for an under 2?
I would say try a different photographer, AND, even more importantly feel relaxed yourself. Our sprog got his passport to go toCanada aged 8 weeks, and it wasn't easy, then later on, I think, at a year old he got a British Passport. We just made it into a game, and....he had a squeaky toy ( yes the man had taken lots of animal photos before) it worked a treat. Best of luck.

Lynsi Jul 31st 2012 7:50 pm

Re: photo reqs for an under 2?
No better ideas than previous reply, sorry!
I have a question for you though as it sounds like you are at the same point as us. We received and email to say our application was almost complete and have been asked to send photos and passports. Do we send actual passports or copies? We are a bit confused by the email!
Thanks and good luck with the little one. I think you just have to keep trying and try another shop!

Bucks_Family Aug 2nd 2012 7:50 am

Re: photo reqs for an under 2?
We took our own photos, including those of our 4 year old and our 3 month old, and printed them on our home printer using a website called, which helps you to get the dimensions right. I'm a confident photographer, and I tweaked the lighting afterwards in Picassa (free photo editing software from google) to brighten one of the pics. I guess it depends how OK you are with digital photography?
It all worked for us though, our passports are in the HC in London at the moment.
It's another alternative - good luck!

__TJ__ Aug 2nd 2012 1:08 pm

Re: photo reqs for an under 2?
thanks guys, yes in the end i toook my own and edited them to fit the sizes.

im on PNP so not sure where in the process we are. weve been told to get photos ready by our lawyer. they cant have passports yet cos ill need them in a few weeks to get back out to canada at long last and be with my hubby :) think lawyer is just getting us ready so when they ask for things she has them to hand.
we have to get thru the medicals first and since ds has aspergers syndrome ( autistic spectrum condition) that may be a pretty big ask, just have to wait and see.

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