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Pakistani Muslim Terrorists in Canada - LATEST NEWS

Pakistani Muslim Terrorists in Canada - LATEST NEWS

Old Aug 29th 2003, 7:14 am
Francis Devornay
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Default Pakistani Muslim Terrorists in Canada - LATEST NEWS

Friday, August 29, 2003

TORONTO - Police are hunting for the "agent" at the centre of a suspected
al-Qaeda terrorist sleeper cell that authorities say scouted the CN Tower
and Pickering nuclear plant, an official revealed yesterday.

An immigration official described the agent as the link between 19 men
arrested in a major counterterrorism sweep in Toronto and the bogus business
school that sold them fraudulent documents.

"There was at least one recruiter who was active as an agent. He hasn't been
located," said Edith Decaire. She did not provide the man's name but said
there were ongoing "security concerns" surrounding him.

The comments suggest important members of a Pakistani network under
investigation by a federal anti-terrorism task force have still not been
found two weeks after police raided their apartments.

An immigration intelligence report said the Public Security and
Anti-Terrorism Unit had identified 31 foreign students who appeared to be
part of a network, but so far, only 19 have been arrested.

Sources said police are searching parts of southern Ontario for the missing
members of the network.

At least one of the arrested men tried to escape the police raids by jumping
out a window, but was caught.

He has been linked to suspicious kitchen fires that immigration officials
said may have occurred when the tenants were mixing and testing explosives.
There has been no indication whether others succeeded in escaping.

Hearings continued in Toronto yesterday to determine whether the arrested
men should remain in custody while police and immigration officials continue
to investigate what they say "might in fact be perhaps a sleeper cell for

The Immigration and Refugee Board has ordered the release of two of the men
on bail, but 10 others have been sent back to Maplehurst Correctional Centre
in Milton for another month. Decisions are pending on the remaining seven

Lawyers representing the detained men seized on comments made by RCMP
Commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli, who said the investigation was continuing
but had so far turned up no terrorist threat.

"Even the RCMP is denying that there is a security issue," said David Orman,
the lawyer representing Anwar-Ur-Rehman Mohammed, a flight school student
arrested in the Aug. 14 raids.

Documents disclosed yesterday say that Mr. Mohammed's "apparent interest in
the Pickering nuclear plant causes some concern ... why did his flight plan
include a nuclear power facility?"

A citizen of India, Mr. Mohammed came to Canada on Oct. 15, 2000, to study
for six months at the Juan Flight School in Victoria, B.C.

The owner of the school told investigators he had to push Mr. Mohammed to
finish his training in six months.

"When he continued to push him to complete the course Mr. Mohammed then came
and told him that he would be going to Toronto and going to flight school,"
said Stephanie Mackay, an immigration official.

He enrolled at the Durham Flight Centre in Oshawa.

"His flight path for training purposes flies over the Pickering Nuclear
Power Plant," according to an immigration intelligence report.

Following the Sept. 11 attacks, neighbours called the RCMP to report
suspicious activities at the house in Markham, where Mr. Mohammed lived in a
basement suite with another man.

In February, 2002, he obtained an extension to his student visa in part by
submitting fraudulent letters that claimed he was enrolled at Ottawa
Business College, a dummy company that sold false documents.

Mr. Mohammed is also an associate of two men who were caught by Durham
Regional Police outside the gates of the Pickering nuclear plant at 4:15
a.m. in April, 2002. They claimed they were going to the beach.

"Each of these items on its own might not be remarkable but taken as a whole
would lead any reasonable person to have suspicions that the person
concerned is inadmissable on grounds of security," Ms. Mackay said.

But Mr. Orman said the Pickering plant is along a route commonly used by
pilots and Mr. Mohammed was simply trying to earn his commercial pilot's
licence so he could return home to an airline job.

Immigration and Refugee Board member William Willoughby said while nothing
was proven he had serious national security concerns and ordered Mr.
Mohammed to remain in custody for another month.

"I believe there is reason to be suspicious," he said.

He said the RCMP Commissioner's comments were not relevant. "He's not the
one investigating and I have heard reports that the people who are
investigating have a suspicion.... They really should have more time to
investigate before they dismiss the concern."

Muslim organizations want the men released and accuse authorities of racial

Investigators are sifting through 25 boxes of documents and 30 computer hard
drives seized during the raids.

David Rice, a senior analyst at the World Markets Research Centre, which
recently produced a study on global terrorist threats, said Canada's support
for Israel and its involvement in the war on terror, as well as its
proximity and close ties to the United States, make it "a possible secondary
target for terrorists."
Old Aug 29th 2003, 1:07 pm
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Default Re: Pakistani Muslim Terrorists in Canada - LATEST NEWS

In article <[email protected]>, Francis Devornay
<[email protected]> writes:
    >Friday, August 29, 2003
    >TORONTO - Police are hunting for the "agent" at the centre of a suspected
    >al-Qaeda terrorist sleeper cell that authorities say scouted the CN Tower
    >and Pickering nuclear plant, an official revealed yesterday.
Wassim Abu-Alarabi knows all of them and can help to Police as an loyal
Canadier - Just search Groups and you will find all about Musliterrorists as
he posted all about.



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