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Gowest Jan 28th 2016 12:54 pm

Is no news good news (medicals)
So I have a job offer and PNP from BC and plan to land end of June after son does his A levels. Am applying for PR (non EE as per PNP request) and have applied for TWP to cover until PR comes through. All good I guess
We had our upfront medicals on 4th December and medicals were really to only possible sticking point for us as him indoors has 2 well controlled chronic illnesses for which he's on medication. We went to medicals with letters from his consultants saying he's stable and long term outlook is good/excellent. The doctor that did the medical said she thought all would be well and she ticked the medical question regarding him being well enough to work/live independently and likely to remain so. 2 weeks after we received a letter asking for him to have another blood test which was done and sent away 22nd December and was normal.
We've heard nothing since
I'm moving on with the PR application and the house is on the market but as I've never heard the medicals were passed I feel a bit uncertain/paranoid. I've contacted the folk that did the medical and there is nothing more they are aware of outstanding
Can I assume that we are through and if not (I follow the idea that assuming is never a good plan) then how do I find out?

kswoosh Jan 28th 2016 3:18 pm

Re: Is no news good news (medicals)
I can't say for every scenario, but my doctors did say that "no news is good news".

That said, them giving you the all clear, and CIC passing your medical, may be two very different things.

If it were me, I'd suggest you'd know about it if there was an issue. But that's based on my judgement, rather than fact.

Hopefully someone more informed will be able to give a more definite answer.

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