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Hi, Andrew,

I'm Canadain Citizen living in Quebec. I got married last Oct. My husband is from
China and he is planning to visit me in the summer. I heard it's really hard for him
to get visitor visa since the immigration officer will ask him to apply for an
immigration visa. Is it true?

If I will sponsor him, how long it will take to get the landing paper? Can we apply
within Canada? Or Does he have to go back to his home country to apply even he get a
vistor visa and is in Canada?
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Andrew Miller
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It will be extremely difficult to obtain visitor visa for your husband, especially
when your intention is to sponsor him for immigration to Canada. Only applicants
who's intentions are to visit Canada temporary and return to home country after such
visit can be granted visitor visa, providing that they can prove their intentions.

So, most likely you will have to sponsor him while he is waiting in China for the
outcome of the process. The entire process may take anywhere from about 10 to 16+
months for Chinese nationals.

You can apply from within Canada if he is here, but it will probably not be possible
for him to get to Canada in the first place.

I have to repeat myself here again for all other readers in this group in similar
situation - always obtain a professional immigration advice and plan accordingly
before getting married outside Canada to prevent or at least shorten the long term
separation from your spouse. Not much in that matter can be done after the fact,
especially if your spouse is from the country of high immigration risk.



Andrew Miller Immigration Consultant Vancouver, British Columbia email:
[email protected] (delete REMOVE and INVALID from the above address before
sending email)


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