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royyboy Oct 17th 2004 1:50 pm

Guess who got admitted past customs :)
Hiya guys, guess whos baaack :)
Them nice guys at sympetico hooked me up, and all is good.
Landed Monday, expecting it to go one of 2 ways,being thanksgiving..either it was gonna be "gimme yer passport, i wanna stamp it and go home to my family" or it was "im working coz of you, now im gonna make you pay"...
Luckily, it was option 1..Got called up by a nice young lady, she checked everything, hit it with the big stamp, told me the do & donts, and sent me on my merry way-total time 15 minutes...WAHEYYYYY...Now only customs to get baggage, 4 cases, 2 hand luggage (me and mrs)notice 2 cases have something green stuck to them........"TO BE OPENED FOR INSPECTION".......AHHHHHcrap, what showed up on the scanner....turnns out they do one bag from each person or family on pr/sw visas, so ok there then. Customs guy looks pleasant enough, but ya wouldnt wanna spill his pint..."ok guys, this is gonna take a while, sorry"...bugger thinx i, this aint good. He then asks if i have taken time out to write on a bit of paper all my goods accompanying and goods to follow.."Ahhh, you want a b4 and b4a.ok, theyre right here.." ok, now he looks miffed-"are they already filled out.?..........ALRIGGGHTT i LOVE you guys" i have a happy beaming customs dood, Canadian life is looking grander....He checks the forms, copies them, gets me to sign, checks the 2 bags with the dodgy items enclosed sticker, very briefly, then looks me up and down, hands me my pp "Welcome to Canada, enjoy the rest of your life".
OOOOOOKAY, im done with customs, feeling goooood, total time from getting off the plane to the exit gates at airport-27 minutes....Next stop-Kelseys-burger and molson :)
After seeing Canada in fall for the first time, has the last 2 years of hell, stress, scrimping and saving been worth it??-MOST DEFINATELY-Now, to obey customs orders, and enjoy my life...:)

Tiaribbon Oct 17th 2004 6:27 pm

Re: Guess who got admitted past customs :)
Ooooh I just love posts like this!!! Excellent news and I am so glad that your landing was good too. You sound so excited and you got your PR in such a short space of time. Well done.......oh and enjoy the rest of your life, as he says!

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