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Km0025 Apr 24th 2022 9:47 am

FSW draws resuming - What is a good CRS score?
Hi all!

I am a dual British/French citizen interested in immigrating to Canada.

Now that the FSW draws are resuming I wondered if anyone could confirm the ideal CRS score in order to increase the chances of being selected?

I intend to sit the TCF Canada exam later this year which, depending on the results (aiming for C1 level), may boost my score to say 530-540 CRS points. Is this good enough?

Thanks in advance!

christmasoompa Apr 24th 2022 10:02 am

Re: FSW draws resuming - What is a good CRS score?
They're not resuming until July, so no way of knowing how many others will enter the pool between now and then. But there are just over 7000 in the pool with scores of higher than 500 at the moment, so unless there's a huge influx of applicants scoring higher than you, you should get an ITA pretty quickly IMO.

Good luck.

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