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nordkappjapanasahi Apr 30th 2022 10:02 am

ETA vs Deemed Rehabilitation
I am from visa-exempt countries. I can apply for ETA to travel to Canada. I have a Portuguese passport. I also have a passport from another country (I don't want to disclose. Please PM me if you want to know!!) Both countries are visa-exempt countries.

I have a criminal record. I have just been deemed rehabilitated today because 10 years were lapsed after the completion of sentence.

I will apply for the Canada ETA in early May 2022.

However, I have some questions.

I have a criminal record. This is equivalent to Canada Criminal Code s264.1(1)(a) and (b).

I have only one criminal record. No more criminal records.

But I was charged for more than one charges. Total 6 charges. But they are treated as one criminal record only, not six criminal records.

Do I still fulfill the "Deemed Rehabilitation" requirements?

In the ETA application form, there is a place for me to write anything I want. Can I say that "I had fulfilled all the "Deemed Rehabilitation" requirements?

If I had submitted the ETA application form, what will I do for the next? If Canadian government knows that I had fulfilled all the "Deemed Rehabilitation" requirements, what will they do?

Can you please provide a help to me? Especially somebody who had fulfilled all the "Deemed Rehabilitation" requirements and successfully obtained an ETA.


Former Lancastrian Apr 30th 2022 12:36 pm

Re: ETA vs Deemed Rehabilitation
Did all 6 x charges arise from 1 incident? CBSA/IRCC look at convictions not the number of charges. Section 264.1(1) deals with uttering threats and maximum penalty is imprisonment not exceeding 5 years. If sentence completed and 10 years have elapsed since completion of sentence then you will be deemed rehabilitated.

nordkappjapanasahi Apr 30th 2022 1:28 pm

Re: ETA vs Deemed Rehabilitation
I think all the charges arose from 1 incident. But the dates for "uttering threats" were different. They were 12/2009, 1/2010, 2/2010 and 3/2010. But I was convicted of six charges in a single trial. The sentence run concurrently.

I have one conviction only. The laws of my home country recognize that.

christmasoompa May 1st 2022 1:01 pm

Re: ETA vs Deemed Rehabilitation
I'm not understanding how it can be 6 charges but only 1 conviction? If you were convicted on each charge then that's 6 separate convictions? What does your police cert say?

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