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christmasoompa Aug 13th 2014 7:38 am

Do not send PMs/emails asking private immigration questions
It hasn't been posted in a while and I thought I would just remind everybody that we advise people to not ask for immigration assistance/advice via PM, and we also ask that people do not respond with assistance/advice to any PM's of this nature. If you wish to ask questions without using the open forum, please contact an immigration lawyer/consultant for professional advice.

It is by only posting on an open forum that any incorrect information given be corrected. It is a safeguard in place to help you, and also so that others can benefit from the advice given if it's on the open forum. And lastly, it's so that our regular experts and contributors don't get hassled for info via PM's - this way, they can choose to answer threads if they wish, but they're not having their time taken up with people asking for private advice.

The forum's success depends on the postings of all its members and all of their experiences, big and small. It is hoped that you will avail yourselves of the Wiki which is comprised of articles written by other members, and by past threads dealing with some of the common questions.

It is further hoped that you will hang around and contribute your experiences so that others can learn from you as well.

Thanks for understanding.

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