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can anybody goive me a ball park figure concerning the amount of time I should wait
once the medical visit is over?
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Meg Lamont
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Hi Patou,

I had my medical on December 23 of 1999, and received my landing document in February
of 2000. I guess it was around 6 weeks. I did however have my medical in Ontario
Canada, and I was living in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. But that was my experience.

Good luck!!


Old Jan 18th 2002, 7:24 pm
Michael Edwards
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Depends on many factors.

Two things occur after medicals
1) security checks
2) review of medicals

The big swing factor is security checks. If you were born and lived all your life in
one country like USA, or UK etc - then visa often issues 1-2 months after medicals
(depends on processing centre backlog also).

If you have lived in many countries, or in countries that are potential security
problems to Canada, or are uncooperative, etc. etc. then security clearance could
many months, or even a year.

Hope this helps.


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