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Default Conjugal Sponsorship

It seems to me....that it's better to try and establish a Common Law
Situation first and if denied by trying to apply for visa's...then you
should apply under the Conjugal Category as a last resort.

So be that may...If my boyfriend and I were to try the Common Law route
first, the only way I can see that we are able to do this, since he is
not eligible to apply for a working visa because he doesn't have enough
points...Is to get my boyfriend to apply for two 6 month visitor's visas
and make up a full year on them...

If both visa's where to be approved for the duration of a full
year...and he can come here to stay with me legally...would we be able
to consider ourselves as Common Law Partners then? If that where the
case....he will not be able to legally work here to make money to help
out and pay half of the financial responsibilities, like paying half of
the rent, and I read somewhere that if applying for either Common Law
Status or Conjugal...We as partners, will have to prove to Immigration
that we both share some of the financial responsibilities or all of if that's the case, if we were to take this extended Visitor
Visa's route...and he can't legally work here, how can we prove that we
jointly contribute to the finances?

Also, I did read too, if someone is to apply for 6 months on Visitor's
Visa, that person has to show Immigration that they have sufficient
enough funding for them to stay for the entire duration...My boyfriend
will not have sufficient funding for that entire year, it will be me
financially support both of us for that entire would that
to be a problem with Immigration when it would come time for us to apply
under the Common Law Category if we did go this route?

Thanks to all that respond.

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