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youngmimesofharlem Dec 18th 2010 8:15 pm

Can I have two LMOs being processed at once?
After prevaricating for quite a while my work has now decided, yes, they would like me to stay and will do an NOC B LMO for me (the advertising is up in the relevant spots as we speak).


A rival biotech company has decided they too would like to hire me and are prepared to do a NOC B LMO for me as well. The recruitment for this position took 3 months and involved multiple interviews but crucially didn't include an advert on

My question is two-fold;

1) Can I have two LMOs going through the 'system' at once and make a decision based upon the outcomes as one or both might be rejected? Or do i have to pick a company and decline the attentions of the other NOW and go for one LMO?

2) Does the second company have to re-advertise the position they have spent months selecting for, on and others? How do the explain that to the LMO decision-maker?

"Yes we spent months recruiting and finally settled on our man, but then decided to advertise on just make absolutely sure."

Or can they be upfront about it?

"We spent months recruiting, got our man, and then advertised on to meet LMO requirements."

Won't it look a little strange to have rounds of interviews (with multiple candidates) only to advertise on after the fact?

Thanks in advance, just trying to make sense of my options, the 2nd job is an awesome opportunity.

CanadaJimmy Dec 18th 2010 10:31 pm

Re: Can I have two LMOs being processed at once?
Yep, it is perfectly acceptable to apply for two LMOs. Once you get the work permit however the other LMO is invalidated.

Hope this helps :)

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