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jameswheadon Feb 12th 2021 6:21 pm

BC PNP - Tech Pilot - Education

I'm new here, so apologies if any of this doesn't make any sense, or should be asked elsewhere.

  • I am currently living in Canada (since Jan 2020) using an IEC.
  • I am employed by a BC company and working in a NOC code 2282 job (Customer Success Specialist).
  • I have received an ITA for the BC PNP Tech Pilot with the following criteria,

PNP Tech Pilot Application
  • 5 Years Prior Work Experience in the UK under NOC code 2282 occupations.
  • Completed secondary school (this is important), but unsure where my certificates are. (I received 0 points for education).
  • My job (that I'm in) has an indefinite offer, and is full time, with a sufficient wage.
  • All in, I have 97 points, and have received my ITA on the basis of what I have submitted.
My registration score is 97 and breaks down like this:

Wage of the BC Job Offer - 25
Skill Level of the BC Job Offer - 30
Regional District of Employment - 0
Economic Factors subtotal - 55
Directly Related Work Experience - 12
Highest Level of Education - 0
Language - 30
Human Capital Factors Subtotal - 42

  • With regards to submission of documents, I am unsure of what to submit for Education, it seems to be a requirement, but I am really not sure if my parents will find them in the UK.
    • Should I decline my ITA and resubmit and indicate that I didn't finish High School to give me the flexibility to not submit this?
  • I also put the wrong date for when I completed my secondary education in the registration (I put the start date instead of the end date).
    • Will this cause me problems at all?
    • Could I submit an explanation with my documents?
  • When inputting work experience I see the following screen.
    • Do I need to put my current job here?
    • If so, how should I indicate that there is no end date?
    • Do I need to put ALL my work experience here, whether it's in relation to this application or not? (as in if I'm not getting points for the work experience, will I still put this on here?)
  • Lastly, in the same vein as the last question, does my resume need to reflect ALL of my work experience, because I worked for a month or two at a company before my current one, but it was such a short time, I haven't included it on my resume.

Thanks so so much in advance for anyone that wishes to help.

This process is causing me great amounts of anxiety, and I can't bear the thought of not being able to get PR status in Canada!

PS, I'll owe anyone a beer/coffee/wine/spirit for anyone!



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