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haideeali May 26th 2012 5:49 pm

Applying for CSQ (Quebec) without French Lang- Knowledge
I went through Quebec online CSQ assessment. Assessment result was successful with No French language knowledge for me and my wife.

Wanted to get expert advise from group members/ Success stroy:
-Should i proceed with CSQ application without French knowledge ?
-Do I have any chance of getting CSQ without French knowledge ?


britsnake May 26th 2012 7:09 pm

Re: Applying for CSQ (Quebec) without French Lang- Knowledge
Getting a CSQ without any french language is pretty difficult.

It might be possible if you have living or working experience or close family ties in quebec or a job offer, otherwise forget about it.

Quebec immigration can use french language ability as an overiding criteria if they choose.

When I applied you did not have to prove your french language ability upfront so I was able to apply and then learn, but now you have to provide test results with your application.

My advice would be look to another province. Even if they let you in without french it would be very difficult for you there.

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