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VanSte2000 Sep 7th 2008 1:46 pm

Advise please Mr Miller on mother in law's PR renewal
Hello, I am after some advise about my mother in law and the best route to try and renew her PR status.

Our situation is we are a family of 4 in the UK and we are moving to Vancouver on a 3 year TWP in October with my job. My mother in law lives with us and has done for the past 4 years. Previous to this she lived and had PR in Vancouver where she had lived for 8 years. She had moved to Vancouver in 1996 with her new husband who was a canadian citizen and lived there continuously, sadly her husband past away in 2001, she continued to live in Vancouver for the next 2 years but then had to move back to the UK due to both emotional and financial reasons. Since then she has lived with us and is partially finanically dependent on us.

Anyway now we are moving to Vancouver she has been unsure as to where she would like to live, we would like her to come with us, so we would like to know how to go about renewing her PR.

Her PR ran out in June this year but we do understand that she would not of been able to renew easily due to her being out of Canada for over 4 years.

I would like to know if anyone has any experience of renewing PRs and whether she would stand a chance on compassionate and humanitiartion grounds, also what would we need to do to show this.

My mother in law also has a daughter who lives in Australia could this affect her regaining her PR in Canada

Any advise would be most grateful especially from some experts.
Thank you

JAJ Sep 7th 2008 2:46 pm

Re: Advise please Mr Miller on mother in law's PR renewal
She no longer meets the residence requirement for PR (which isn't flexible) so she would need to investigate humanitarian/compassionate grounds and for that, a lawyer is probably necessary.

Why on earth did she not get her Canadian citizenship when she was eligible?

VanSte2000 Sep 7th 2008 3:07 pm

Re: Advise please Mr Miller on mother in law's PR renewal
Hi, we were thinking that, she does reget not getting her citizenship even more so now!!!

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