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tommyc2004 Aug 7th 2022 3:13 pm

'Winehouse' Address
Can anyone give me any information on the process of getting an address for a 'wine house'. property

Jack_Russells4ever Aug 7th 2022 6:08 pm

Re: 'Winehouse' Address
I am not sure what needs to be done in 2022 but I would ask at the local Polgarmeisters office as a starting point. If the property is not in a village I doubt you will be able to get an address assigned to it for purposes related to making it a year round residence.that will meet to requirements of the Hungarian Foreigners Office. Seasonal Houses and wine houses are not considered suitable for year round living at least according to what I was told when I purchased my property and the estate agent would not show me property that did not have a proper legal address. If you have already purchased a winehouse then you may be sunk if your intention is to live in it year round. If that is what you plan to do I would not agree to purchase any property until it has a proper address. DO NOT trust an estate agent or seller to be forthcoming with proper answers to this question. I am sure someone with more recent information will reply to this question.

Peter_in_Hungary Aug 7th 2022 6:14 pm

Re: 'Winehouse' Address

Originally Posted by tommyc2004 (Post 13133513)
Can anyone give me any information on the process of getting an address for a 'wine house'. property

Addresses are dealt with by the local council, so that is the place to go.

They can't just hand out addresses they are listed for properites in the area. If there isn't an address available for your property then you will probably finish up with the helyrajzi szám of your property. The helyrajzi szám is the number of the plot as found in the Land Office (UK = land registry)

If you are not there permanently then an address may not be a good idea as post may be left without answering until you next visit and so you may miss any deadline documents.

Also depending upon the location the post may not be delivered as the post office can decline to deliver if the property is too remote and owners have to collect mail from the local post office.

Most wine houses have electricity, if yours has then what is the address on the electric bill?

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