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wellied Oct 15th 2010 2:07 pm

moving with family keszthely
hi all just would like to ask a straight but not nice question can anyone who lives by lake balaton or keszthely is there a problem for families living in this area with prostitution because we are thinking of moving here but i want to know if it's safe area for my family as we had heard a few stories that it's a big problem in the summer and weekends and is speaking english/french a problem many thanks for any help

Sherlock Holmes Oct 15th 2010 2:10 pm

Re: moving with family keszthely
Hi there and welcome to B.E. :)

It's my pleasant duty to welcome you to the forum and give you a point of contact should you need any help with the site in general. You can contact me here.

A list of all the moderators and helpers with their relevant countries including Hungary can be found here.

Any problems, dont hesitate to PM me.

As you'll see, I'm in Australia. Don't know too much about Hungary I'm afraid but I've see a few friendly posters in that section so I'm sure someone will be along soon to help you.


Rural Hungary Oct 15th 2010 10:21 pm

Re: moving with family keszthely
Hi Wellied and welcome to the forum. Yes, there are prostitutes in Hungary as there are in most countries. You see them mostly on the main roads and as yet I have not encountered any in town centres. I would say they are less visible than in Paris, Italy and Bulgaria; furthermore, I have never seen any of them approach or make a nuisance of themselves. My three children have lived in Hungary for 18 months and are, I believe, safer than they would have been in the UK, they also have much more freedom.

Unfortunately, English and French (as we soon discovered) won't get you very far in Hungary. German will most definitely help but learning Hungarian really is a must. However, Keszthely does seem to have more English speakers than other towns.

Hope this helps

wellied Oct 16th 2010 8:21 am

Re: moving with family keszthely
hi all thx's for your replys and help this makes my wife fill much better and happier about buying in hungary now again thx's so much:D:

hotpot Oct 16th 2010 9:22 am

Re: moving with family keszthely
i endorse everything rural said but we thought this a funny little story.

7 years ago when we were house hunting. there was me hubby and our male friend in the back of the car. we stopped on a country lane to take in the view and structure of the volcanic rock formation. and did not notice two ladies walking up the road. they got up to our car and started talking and just then me and our male friend were forced back in our seats as hubby thought he was stirling moss at silverstone. think he got to 60 mph in 6 seconds.

that was our only encounter.

Rural Hungary Oct 16th 2010 11:00 am

Re: moving with family keszthely
LOL Hotpot, this made me laugh, I can just imagine hubby :rofl:

I noticed them far more in Bulgaria and Lucca - Italy. In Bulgaria they are also VERY forward, unlike here where they seem to be tolerated so long as they are discreet.

What age are your children wellied?

wellied Oct 16th 2010 12:21 pm

Re: moving with family keszthely
hi again there not little my daughter 14 and son 17 we were worried because i have read on other sites that a lot of traficing of woman for sex happens in hungary and was worried for my daughter because they grow up in southern france were we were lucky to see horse and cart let alone a car we are not paranoid people just asking i surppose the questions that english don't normally ask cos of having lived aboard for 6 years before having to return to england we hope just temporary we hope that hungary is as safe as where we lived in france

Rural Hungary Oct 16th 2010 12:48 pm

Re: moving with family keszthely
Hi wellied, I can assure you it is very safe.
Not to put a dampener on things but I would be more worried about future employment opportunities for your eldest and schooling for your daughter. Unless you plan to establish a business and employ your son, he will find gaining employment difficult if he doesn't speak the language.
Regards schooling, Hungarian children do not start school until they are 7, schooling is completed at 18. At 16 they have two streams, one which is similar to our "college" leading to qualifications in hairdressing, cooking, building etc, whereas, the other stream is more academic and leads to university.

It might be worth visiting and signing up (it's free) for the Hungarian course, this will give you and the children a taster for the language.

That said, if you have considered these difficulties, Hungary is a great place and the West of Hungary is more westernised than other Eastern European countries.:thumbsup:

wellied Oct 18th 2010 8:32 am

Re: moving with family keszthely
:thumbsup:hi thx's for all your help

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