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Pollypaprika Feb 11th 2011 8:43 am

Dog Friendly Travel
For those of you who have drove from the UK to Hungary - does anyone have any suggestions for some dog friendly stop overs on the way - or even good travel routes? Many thanks :-)

John Gilbert Feb 11th 2011 11:43 am

Re: Dog Friendly Travel
With 1 driver & an early start from Dover we can get to the German Austrian border in a long day. There is a beautiful town there called Scharding were we have stayed a couple of times. Some Hotels pricy but not all. Recomend
Hotel Scheurecker
Schärdinger Hof
Innbruckstr. 6
A-4780 Schärding

national: 07712 / 4404 0
internat.:+43 7712 / 4404 0

national: 07712 / 4408
internat.:+43 7712 / 4408

Good rooms, relaxed people & excellent breakfast. Don't know their policy on dogs but they may well allow & they will tell you on the phone.

hotpot Feb 11th 2011 2:58 pm

Re: Dog Friendly Travel
at the time we drove over we had a very large white german shepherd dog. we stopped at a motor way rest stop in southern germany and the dog cost us 10 euros for the night and was allowed in the restaurant as well. for three people and the dog i think it was arround 100 euros. you also got vouchers for breakfast to have and eat as much as you wanted. please note that was 6 years ago so prices will have gone up

Pollypaprika Feb 15th 2011 8:33 am

Re: Dog Friendly Travel
Thanks for the info! What routes do people usually use - through Germany and Austria?

Many thanks

John Gilbert Feb 15th 2011 8:56 am

Re: Dog Friendly Travel
Tom Tom tells us where to go! Yes through France (Norfolk Ferry), Belgium, tip into Netherlands, Germany, Austria into Hungary. Germany is huge!

Rural Hungary Feb 15th 2011 12:17 pm

Re: Dog Friendly Travel

Originally Posted by John Gilbert (Post 9177404)
Germany is huge!

Completely agree, when driving through it, you feel as though you are never going to get to "the other side"!

tonydilihaz Mar 15th 2011 8:48 pm

Re: Dog Friendly Travel

Originally Posted by Rural Hungary (Post 9177759)
Completely agree, when driving through it, you feel as though you are never going to get to "the other side"!

hi there. We've 5 German Shepherds and have done research, although to date have not travelled with them
To Hungary:
Dog pee stop outside Dover. Ideally the channel tunnel outbound as I think dogs go free, but inbound...brace yourselves...£30/animal! Ferries £15/animal, Newhaven Dieppe £12/animal.
Dog pee stop on the Calais-Brussels motorway, Jabbek Den Hann services.
thence onwards to Frankfurt, about 8 hours.
Nice Kennels, English speaking: Hundepension Lalu, An der Jungertshohl 1, 61169 Friedberg-Bruchenbruchen. [email protected]
Next day; we spilt off at Linz...Graz...OrizenPeter and down to near Lenti. Dog pee stop in a field just off Austrian town of Treglwang. Back at the house about 12 hours after Frankfurt.
From Hungary:
Reverse the route, several good dog stops in Germany. P597, P583, P569. But the all important dog worming, 24/48 hour window done a Lalu the evening of arrival, ready for journey to Calais 24 hours later.
Thats the theory! I'm getting proper fencing done around the house & until its finished I'm not allowed to come with them!
Let me know how you get on, please

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