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kirstyp Apr 10th 2013 4:33 pm

Shipping a car to Australia - do or don't?
One of your specifications when moving abroad might be to keep your vehicle. This is understandable; why change your car just to spend more money on a new one at the other end? But is it really that simple?
Unfortunately, it is actually more complicated than you might have first thought. Especially when moving Down Under.

The three things you need to know before you even consider moving your car to the other side of the world are:

1) The vehicle must have been owned and used by the applicant for a continuous period of 12 months prior to the move.

2) The vehicle must be in a right hand drive configuration.

3) The speedometer has to be converted from mph to km/h.

If you can check off that list then you'll need to think about:
- documentation
- moving budget
- cost to replace
- lifestyle

Here's our full article on what you need to know if you're considering moving your car with you when you head down under.

If you've already relocated we'd love to hear your story.

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