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vfr800 May 2nd 2022 2:27 pm

Identifying an Accountant - Expat Tax return
I am seeking advice / recommendations on identifying an English speaking Accountant, preferably in the Lourdes/Tarbes area who could assist me in completing my French 2021 Tax return. I moved to France last year and need help in completing the return correctly with this being the first time. I paid UK Tax up until 31-Mar-21 and my only income has been from my UK Pensions ( I have no business interests in France). Any advice /assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Helen1964 May 3rd 2022 5:07 am

Re: Identifying an Accountant - Expat Tax return
Good morning
It sounds like your tax affairs are very straightforward so you could probably do the return yourself with the help of the latest Connexion magazine tax guide and this forum.
I think you would do your first return on paper and then move online next Spring.
You could also make an appointment with your local tax office as they can help you complete the form. Although in my experience local tax officials don't always know the rules when it comes to income from abroad.

If you're determined to use an accountant, however, a friend used Fiscaly recently and was happy with them. They're based in the Paris area but that doesn't really matter - my friend is in Alsace.
I believe they advertise in Connexion which is where he found them.
Good luck!

Oblible May 17th 2022 6:57 pm

Re: Identifying an Accountant - Expat Tax return
It's not so difficult, you'll probably have to fill the form 2047 in addition to the main form 2042.

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