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grannybunz Aug 4th 2019 1:51 pm

Huge problems with Orange - anyone else?
For the last few moths we have been battling with Ornge internet and especially e-mail. Searching on-line it seems we are by no means alone.
First I had my email account hacked despite having excellent virus protection and now I can receive mails but not send them. Again it appears I am not alone.

The solution apparently is somewhat complicated but doable if you have the patience.
Grandpa, on the other had has his Orange account hacked by someone who writes in Arabic and has stolen his email address - again despite good security.

There is no other supplier who will provide an internet service here so there is no real alternative.. Has anyone else had similar problems and, if so how have you resolved them?

Tweedpipe Aug 4th 2019 2:44 pm

Re: Huge problems with Orange - anyone else?
Are you internet connecting by wire (Ethernet) or wirelessly (wifi)?
If the latter, is it a WEP, WPA or WPA2 security network?
When I was setting up a new network on a Mac, I selected WiFi On and on the 'Open Network Preferences' and 'Join other network' dialogue boxes, I noted a neigbour's wifi connection was listed by their name. Unlike mine which I'd just set up, there's had no 'lock' indicated alongside , which I assumes meant it was non secure and I could have probably piggy-backed off had I been dishonest.
I clear my WaterFox web browser cache quite frequently especially when it appears over 8MB of disk space, acheived on a Mac by selecting the browser Pref/Advanced tab & Cached Web Content - Clear.
Must admit that my knowledge of wireless networking and troubleshooting is limited, so hopefully ChatterStatic or Another will be along with some real assistance.
Interesting site here, especially details on clearing local DNS cache etc and other troubleshooting tips.
Just had another thought. When was the last time you changed your Orange LiveBox. They never tell you when a newer one is available which may go some ways to alleviate your problems.

cyrian Aug 4th 2019 2:54 pm

Re: Huge problems with Orange - anyone else?
Perhaps I am not understanding your problem correctly but why don't you create an alternative email address?
You can create a hotmail account or a google mail account or an apple email account depending on if you use apple or not.
You then need to email all your contacts with your new email address and tell them about your old address.
It is a good idea to have one email address exclusively for friends and family and another for shopping etc.
It is possible that someone has accessed your computer and stolen your email address book.
Notify Orange that you have been hacked and block the old email address - you may get more advice by visiting an Orange shop with your problem.
If you want to take further steps for security then you could perhaps consider a password safe which stores all your passwords in encrypted form so that others cannot read them.

Chatter Static Aug 4th 2019 5:56 pm

Re: Huge problems with Orange - anyone else?
Just set up a Gmail account,

IF you can receive email but can't sent them, I seriously doubt account hacking is the issue if your account had been hacked you wouldn't be able to receive them either because the inbound and outbound password are the same.....

First rule of hacking divide and conquer.....

Sounds like a Imap or pop email settings issue for the outbound server settings.

Personally I don't use the Orange account for anything I have it set up on permanent redirect to a gmail account which allows for better filtering and rules of what emails you actually want in your inbox..

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