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IKnowNothing Dec 16th 2019 1:32 am

Thanks to "hnd" for the suggestion - I initially posted this in the Middle East section (as that is where I live) first as there wasn't a specific Vietnam "bored".

I've just had a discussion with a company I worked for previously (on a fixed contract), who have now asked me to do something similar as I did in Abu Dhabi but based in HCMC for an initial 2 year contract. Now I've been there once albeit very briefly, and did touristy type things, has anyone from here worked there? If so what's the lifestyle like? I'm kinda guessing Singapore but a lot, lot more basic, even below BKK.

The role is setting up a software office for a US Co. I'm not too bothered about finances, more lifestyle the number of Westerners there, the economy, that sort of stuff - although a dollar a beer sounds good too.

Anyone got any thoughts?

RedApe Dec 31st 2019 8:51 am

Re: Vietnam
An interesting article in the LA Times about Americans in Vietnam.

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