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Andy33 Apr 12th 2003 8:24 am

Moving to Austria- Graz - Help!
Hi All,

I'm going to be moving to Graz from the UK in the next few weeks, and i'm starting to get overwhelmed with the ammount of things i have to sort out!

First, is there anyone here who lives in Austria, or better still Graz, that would be willing to give me a bit of help with things like pointing me in the direction of nice districts around graz for accomodation, and decent ammeneties?

I'm going to need a car when i get over there as well. What is the law in Austria about buying cars, tax, insurance etc?

Does anyone have a good web site address for things like this?

This is the first time i have done this kind of thing! I have so many questions and worries, so it would be good to hear from anyone who has gone through this and get some reassurance that i'm not chucking my life away here!!



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