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fidobsa May 19th 2019 4:29 pm

E104 Form
I moved from Hungary to Croatia in October 2018 but so far have not been able to transfer from the Hungarian state health insurance system to the Croatian one. The Croatians require me to supply a form E104, issued from Hungary, stating my status regarding the Hungarian health insurance. Despite several trips to Hungary, letters and emails it seems I have not even jumped though enough hoops for the Hungarian tax office to even accept that I've moved, let alone that I've legitimately ceased paying into the state health insurance system. Someone on the Hungary forum has given me a blank E104 form in Hungarian, as some people moving from UK to Hungary have been advised to use this. This is because UK no longer recognises the E104 and claims it has been replaced with a different form.

I want to try and fill in the form, print it out and submit it in Croatia but there are some details I'm not sure about:

1) I don't know if I'm required to sign it. There is a space for a signature but it is not clear whether it should be mine.
2) There are spaces for place of residence and mailing address. Not sure what the difference is between these and not sure if it means current address or old Hungarian address.
3) There is a space to indicate number of pages attached. Is the form meant to be sent with supporting documents? In which case, what documents are required?

I know this requirement for the E104 form is quite common for people relocating within the EU so I wondered if anyone here has seen a completed form and can advise?

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