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hip999 Sep 19th 2013 12:24 pm

Can Unmarried Partner reside with UK citizen in EU countries?
I am a UK citizen. My partner is non-EU. She has a UK Visa given in February 2013 based on living with me in a relationship 'akin to marriage' (within the UK) since October 2010.

We are thinking seriously about living in another EU country but I am not sure if the Unmarried Partner's Visa issued within the UK would enable my partner to live with me. Or would she have to prove we have been living together all over again in the EU country we move to? Or perhaps, no country would allow in an Unmarried partner; we just do not know. I am not seeking just a short-term Visa for her within another EU country, but the right to live with me for as long as we wish.

If the answer is that she could live with me in an EU country (other than the UK) then would she be able to bring her child to live with us (the child lives in a non-EU country; she has a father there but does not live with him; the father does not support her; the child is legitimate so the mother (my partner) does NOT have sole custody)?

I am not even sure if different countries in the EU have different rules (it seems impossible to find out the rules for each separate country as e-mails to Embassies are unanswered); if so, then advice on the names of any country which would allow in my partner AND her daughter would be appreciated. Our preferred choices would be France, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Cyprus.

Thank you to all those who reply.

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