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Benjammintoo Mar 18th 2014 11:19 am

Vetassess Telephone Interview following Gap Training completion
Hi all, :)

Just wanted to let you know that depending on when you complete your Gap Training through TAFE, your Statement of Attainment (may or) may not have a Sustainability element on it.

I found this out after I posted my Statement of Attainment to Vetassess for the issue of my Cert 3 in Electrotechnology, only to be told that I needed to complete a Telephone Interview to "verify my experience".

This left me a bit worried as I wondered what on earth was up with my application….
It turns out that I hadn't got a Sustainability module in my course due to when I started the Gap Training. (February 2013).

Long story short, a Vetassess assessor phones you to ask a half dozen questions relating to Sustainability, such as:

*Can you name a Sustainable energy source?
*Can you name a non-sustainable energy source?
*What does the star rating label on an electrical appliance mean?
*What effects are Greenhouse gasses having on the environment?
*Can you see the effects of global warming on the planet?

(questions are paraphrased as I didn't write them down at the time, just wrote them now from memory!)

There were couple of other simple questions, but I can't remember them all!!!

Anyway, I couldn't find any information on this telephone interview and what was involved, but if you read this and it relates to you then hopefully you won't need to worry unnecessarily. ;)


colinmaclec Mar 20th 2014 9:49 am

Re: Vetassess Telephone Interview following Gap Training completion
I was asked those questions too, but the last 2 are actually not proven fact, they are opinions and should not be test questions!!!

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