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whaleshark May 5th 2014 11:24 am

Let's all have a winge...
Just a few pro's and cons...

I agree we should have to do a little bit of logbook work experience to start off, as things are a bit different here, but 6-10 months? It should be 3 months tops.
And why are the Aussies so against 3 core and earth? And don't get me started on their breakers on a wooden board that you have to disturb to get to anything, only to find all your earths are in a huge messy bundle with solder all over them. How did they ever think that was a good idea?
Saying that though, it does mean you can use any make breakers, just clip it to the din rail, none of this searching through ebay trying to find a breaker from a discontinued board!

Oh, there still appears to be a sh*t load of asbestos here though :(

To be fair they have got a few things right, earth wire in twin and earth is already sleeved! That's a good one. Being able to fish down wall cavity's, and the gyproc wall boxes work much better than dry liners. No SWA here, just all hard orange flex, I'm not saying it's better but sure saves alot of time. And also we'r back to good old fashioned Red, Black and Earth colours! :eek::p

deanoleeds May 10th 2014 8:43 am

Re: Let's all have a winge...
been wondering what differences there is with uk stuff, the mains board sounds like something from the 60's lol

Jockstar May 10th 2014 10:29 pm

Re: Let's all have a winge...

the gyproc wall boxes work much better than dry liners.
I hate those C clips they use. Absolute crap. I love the plasterboard boxes with wings we get in the Uk.

mcv May 13th 2014 1:02 pm

Re: Let's all have a winge...
Hi All,
I've been an A grade here in Melbourne for 5 years now,

C-clips ,great but lose too many in the cavity

Joint boxes, better than Uk ones but used all the time

TPS ,much better than twin & earth

Orange circ, better than SWA

Soldering earths, WTF, still common in house bashing, both at switches and switchboards

Mixed lighting and power circuits in commercial jobs

Only 20A breakers and 2.5 TPS used for both lighting and power on commercial jobs

Switch mechs, great, easy to change and got a loop terminal

BUT, who came up with the idea of looping from the main switch (single pole ) to all other breakers in the board, seen some with 10 cables in one terminal.
The list could go on

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