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JamRich87 Jun 19th 2016 5:40 pm

BMS Commissioning Engineer Employment in OZ
Hi all,

If anyone can give me any advice at all I would be extremely grateful!

My plan is that in 3 years time me, my wife & 3 children (8,6,4) will move to Oz to start a new life. Hopefully Melbourne but ultimately I will go wherever the work is.

I am a BEMS Commissioning Engineer, Primarily Trend but also using Delta as well. Im 31 and at the time of hopefully moving I will have been a commissioning engineer for 8 years but in total will have 14 years experience overall in Design, Test, Install & Commissioning of BMS & HVAC systems.


1. Do any of you do BMS install in OZ?
2. Is the BMS sector similar to the UK?
3. Is trend used over there?
4. What kind of salary could I expect? I earn £37000 currently in the UK

If you can answer any 1 of my questions that would be a great help.

Thanks in advance


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